Thursday, October 15, 2009

excerpt from metaphors of metamorphosis

"Photographs are of course about their makers, and are to be read for what they disclose in that regard no less than for what they reveal of the world as their makers comprehend, invent, and describe it. One might say that what's offered in this body of work, considered in that regard , is the ongoing inquiry of a heterosexual male who is trying to understand how children become adults, in particular how girls become women-and, perhaps , seeking thereby some insight into what a Jungian would call his own feminine aspect. More than a few artists have spent their lifetimes coming to terms with these issues. Such efforts can be clumsy or delicate , brusque or patient , puerile or mature. They are almost always poignant, because the mystery is finally , not to be solved; The differences between the genders are such that on some levels we must always remain radically other to the opposite sex. Yet at its best the serious attempt to address this otherness from either side ( for there are woman photographers pursuing this issue as well) is vitalizing, charged with dynamic tension and the immanence of growth."

A.D. Coleman on Jock Sturges

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